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    PLP Preformed armour rods electric helical fittings,top ties, side ties, ARMOR LOCK ties, distribution deadend grips, house service grips, armor rods, line guards, spool ties, and helical suspension clamps manufacturer,Helical Suspension Clamp for use on AAAC, AAC, ACSR, compacted ACSR, ACSS, and ACSS/TW.


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    1. Armor Rod manufacturing OEM Service

    The armor rod is also called armour rod or rod armor. The armor rod is an accessory used for aluminum conductor, steel reinforced(ACSR, all-aluminum alloy conductors(AAAC) and aluminum clad steel conductor. Manlong armor rods play an important role in the armor rods transmission line and distribution line.

    The raw materials of the armor rod are aluminum wire, galvanized steel wire, and aluminum clad steel wire. The customer chooses the armor rod material according to the conductor’s raw material.

    The armour rod material should be similar to conductor surface material, avoiding corrosion between different elements. All types of armor rods come with a color code which helps identify the conductor size easily. The color code is also regarded as a mark during installation,ARTISAN INDUSTRY also does the customized armor rod.

  • 2. Preformed Armor Rod forming machines supplying

    how to twist armor rods? how are armor rods plant made?

    Spark electronic technology Wuxi CO.,LTD. is one of very few professional Company that engaged in Preformed Armor rods Manufacturing Production Line、Preformed tension clamp/armor rods Machines、Preformed ADSS & OPGW Cable Accessories manufacturing equipments supplier.

    our customers purchase our machines to produce Preformed Products for Transmission & Distribution and Electrified Railway Fittings.

    High efficiency machines and Production lines help our customers win more and more tenders in their country electric power industry,Strong productivity ensures the quality and delivery time of their products.

    Main customers worldwide:AFL、PLP、SICAME. your can find our production lines in their manufacturing workshop.

    Guy Grips/Preformed Armor Rods Set Machines Production Line:

    Preformed guy grips machines/Production Line Equipments Manufacturing:1.performed armor rods forming machine/tensile forming machine/ line-laying forming machine2.chamfering machine3.automatic glue sand blasting machine4.wire tension section shaping machine5.hydraulic bending machine6.grinding head machine7.tensile testing machine.the preformed Guy grips can be smoothly produced by this set of machines,very easy to operate ,can produced all types of guy grips(preformed armor rods) which market need.

    High ratio of output performance-having high and low cost characteristic.

    Preformed Armor Rod Automatic Production Line manufacturing: Armor rods are preformed rods used for wrapping around the outer layer of wires and mounting on the boat shaped wire clamp, in order to improve the conductor rigidity, decrease conductor vibration and protect damaged conductors by preventing the damaged area from expanding. Also, the protective rods can be wrapped in aluminum conductor and installed on the post insulator to increase the conductor rigidity and play a role in reducing vibration.


    a. The armor rod’s material should be the same as the conductor.

    b. The armor rods are installed easily without any special tools.

    c. The armor rod has good anti-vibration performance and high flexibility. It can protect the cable and extend the system life.

    Product specification Cautions: When repairing the conductor, the damaged area should be no more than 7~25% of total area. (ASCR should not damage the steel core.) When calculating the damaged area, take the total aluminum wire area for the base.

    ADSS OPGW Preformed Alumium Stranded Conductor Strain Clamp


    a. The Strain Clamp for OPGW cable provides uniform stress distribution for maximum cable protection.

    b. The Strain Clamp has outstanding gripping strength, and is able to hold greater tension without exceeding the cable side crushing strength.

    c. The grip strength is no less than 95%RTS of optical cable.

    d. Excellent aluminum clad steel material to improve the mechanical and corrosion-resistance of the clamp.

    Purposes The Strain Clamp holds all of the strain of OPGW suspension installations.


    a. Select the Strain Clamp according to OPGW cable diameter and rated tensile strength.

    b. Configurations: 1 set/ terminal tower (including gantry), 2 sets/ tension tower.

    c. The lay direction of inner rod is opposite that of the lay direction of the OPGW outer wire. The lay direction of OPGW outer wire is right. If left, it should be specified in the order contract.

    d. After the clamp affords a full tension, it cannot be loosened.

    e. Provide us with the model type of the first link fitting connected to tower in order to get the proper cable fitting.

    f. Clamp strength: 70kN, 100kN, 120kN, etc.


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