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    Armor Rods are intended to protect against bending, compression, abrasion, and arc-over, and to provide repair. The degree of protection needed on a specific line depends upon a number of factors such as line design, temperature, tension, exposure to wind flow, and vibration history on similar construction in the same area.

    Armor rods are recommended as minimum protection for clamp type supports or suspensions. Line Guards on the other hand are recommended as minimum protection for hand tied spans. Armor rods may be used to restore full conductance and strength to ACSR and aluminum conductors where damage does not exceed approximately 50% of the outer strand layer.

    Tapping over applied aluminum Armor Rods is permissible. Where it is known that tapping clamps will be installed over Armor rods, it is recommended that the conductor be thoroughly wire brushed clean, then an inhibitor be applied.

    Also known as preforms, helical fittings come in a range of designs for specific applications.

    Designed to grip uniformly to prevent distortion of the conductor, preforms also offer a unique design that eliminates bolts, nuts, washers and other components, they simply wrap on and grip under tension. With colour-coded markings based on size, it is easy to select the correct part.

    Now with user-friendly labelling, a clear part number, colour, cable OD range, conductor names and a barcode are all included on the strong water-resistant label which is attached to each and every Helical fitting that leaves our store.

    Automatic Production Line Of Preformed Armor Rod Forming

    Armor rods are preformed rods used for wrapping around the outer layer of wires and mounting on the boat shaped wire clamp, in order to improve the conductor rigidity, decrease conductor vibration and protect damaged conductors by preventing the damaged area from expanding. Also, the protective rods can be wrapped in aluminum conductor and installed on the post insulator to increase the conductor rigidity and play a role in reducing vibration.


    a. The armor rod’s material should be the same as the conductor.
    b. The armor rods are installed easily without any special tools.
    c. The armor rod has good anti-vibration performance and high flexibility. It can protect the cable and extend the system life.

    Product specificationCautions:
    When repairing the conductor, the damaged area should be no more than 7~25% of total area. (ASCR should not damage the steel core.) When calculating the damaged area, take the total aluminum wire area for the base.

    Help customer set up a complete production line for produce preformed guy grips dead end clamps with insulation coating, the line consists of the following machines:- preformed armor rods forming machine
    - hydraulic bending machine
    - automatic glue wand grit machine
    - wire tension section shaping machine
    - chanfering machine
    - head grinding machine


  • Preformed armor rods forming machine1.The machine is processed for preformed helical fitting products, the material is include Zinc-coated wire, Aluminum-clad steel wire, Aluminum-alloy wire and Coppered steel wire.
    2.Speed shaping: 0-1.5m/s. Wire diameter of shaping: 1.67-5.2mm(Aluminum-clad steel wire ,Zinc-coated wire),1.78-9.27mm(Aluminum-alloy wire).
    3.Precision of preformed armor rods: ±2, reaching DL/T 763-2001 standards.
    4.The wire of feed system includes 3 types: Aluminum-clad steel wire ,Zinc-coated wire and Aluminum-alloy wire. The specification and size of wire rolls as per customer’s request , if has no, in line with our common design.
    5.The product line is advanced electromechanical integration system. With high automate, the whole equipment divide into 4 parts: wire feeding unit ,integrated by PLC centralized control; tightening device : shaping machine ; cutting machine. Touch panel human computer interface , easy operation ,stabilized ,low reject rate.

    Wire tension section shaping machine1.The machine processes twisting for wire tension section of preformed armor rods and strain clamp.
    2.Speed of twisting: 0-1r/s. Wire diameter of twisting:1.67-5.2mm(Aluminum-clad steel wire ,Zinc-coated wire), 1.78-9.27mm( Aluminum-alloy wire).
    3.Length of wire tension section: 200-800mm.
    4.The spare parts put in or out is opening ,convenient and efficient.
    5.On the automatic control ,it touches panel human computer interface , easy operation ,programmable controller infinitely adjustable-speed control frequency conversion motor ,reliable performance ,and low reject rate.

    Automatic glue sand blasting machine1.It used to be processing technology of glue and sand blasting for preformed armor rods inlayer.
    2.One pass for glue sand blasting, the speed can be adjusted about 1m/s.
    3.As products request, the function of spraying glue can be continuity and discontinuity.
    4.On the automatic control ,it touches panel human computer interface , easy operation ,programmable controller infinitely adjustable-speed control frequency conversion motor ,reliable performance ,and low reject rate.

    Hydraulic bending machine1.The machine processes bending for preformed armor rods and strain clamp.
    2.Speed bending:0-200sets/h (e.g. GDE-35). Wire diameter of bended shaping: 1.67-5.2mm(Aluminum-clad steel wire ,Zinc-coated wire),1.78-9.27mm(Aluminum-alloy wire).
    3.As products standards ,it is adjust for bend angle and curvature of preformed armor rods.



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