• OPGW / ADSS Cable Preformed Fittings Transmission Line Accessories,Suspension Clamp with Two Armor Rods

    ADSS fiber cables fittings, opgw fiber cables fittings,transmission line preformed line fittings manufacturer, OPGW/ADSS fittings include:
    (1) Preformed retention sets
    (2) Preformed suspension sets
    (3) Splice closure
    (4) Spiral vibration damper
    (5) Stockbridge vibration damper

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    ADSS Suspension Clamp with two armor rods Description:


    The ADSS suspension clamp is used to connect the ADSS cables on the straight poles/towers.


    ADSS suspension features:


    (1)ADSS suspension clamp has greater interface with ADSS cables. Stress is distributed equally without stress focus. ADSS suspension clamp can protect optical cables very well and can improve the intensity of cable line installation point.
    (2)ADSS suspension clamp has higher supporting capability of dynamic stress. The ADSS suspension clamp can supply enough grip strength (10%RTS)in order to ensure the safety of ADSS cables under imbalanced load for long time.
    (3)The gentle rubber clamp pieces improve self-damping and reduce abrasion.
    (4)The smooth shape of the ends improve the discharging voltage and reduce the loss of electric power.
    (5)The superior aluminum alloy materials have higher comprehensive mechanical performance and corrosion resisting capability, which extends the lifetime usage.

    ADSS suspension clamp standard compliance:

    DL/T767-2003 preformed helical fittings for ADSS


    ADSS suspension clamp data sheet:

    (1)Choose ADSS suspension clamp model according to the parameters(such as operating span, diameter, rated tensile strength) of the ADSS cables.
    (2)Installation: One set/straight pole or tower
    (3)RTS: 10kN, 20kN, 30kN, 40kN, 50kN, 60kN, 70kN.


    ADSS suspension clamp Technical Specifications:

    Product ModelCable Diameter (mm)Inner Armor Rod(mm)Outer Armor Rod(mm)Anchor Shackle

    600-11.5 10.9-11.5 1960 1460 U-7

    600-12.2 11.6-12.2 1960 1460 U-7

    600-12.9 12.3-12.9 1960 1460 U-7

    600-13.6 13.0-13.6 1960 1460 U-7

    600-14.3 13.7-14.3 1960 1460 U-7










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    ADSS Suspension Clamp/Cable Fittings/ Cable Accessories Product Description


    1.Material:hot dip galvanized steel

    2.ADSS/OPGW cable connecting accessories
    4.Customized according to cable diameter,RTS,cable span

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    Double Suspension Clamp for Opgw Cable /Opgw Fittings Features:


    OPGW double suspension sets are designed to reduce static stress ate the support point of OPGW cable,as well as ensure that the cable is cushionedvagainst the dynamic stress of Aeolian vibration.The combination of the reinforcing amour rods and dead-end amour rods provide against cable bending stress,there's no other stress concentration,so that the fiber optic doesn't produce extra loss in the cable.The grip strength of the clamp is bigger than 10%-20% of the rated tensile strength.
    Except for all functions of suspension clamp,the double suspension clamp can be used for long span(800-1300m),high fall and where line angle can be enlarged to 60°


    Long span,high fall and where line angle can be enlarged to 60°.

    Standard Configuration:

    1.U-7 Anchor shackle
    2.Yoke plate
    3.ZH-7 Eye chain link
    4.AGS clamp Aluminum housing
    5.Rubber insert
    6.Dead end amour rods
    7.Reinforcing rods
    8.Parallel groove clamp
    9.Grounding wire Aluminum
    10.Other link fittings are customized

    Technical data sheet:

    Breaking force:70KN,100KN,120KN,160KN
    Recommended span length:800m-1300m

    Model Cable Diameter(mm) Reinforcing Amour rod(mm) Dead-end Amour rod(mm) Yoke plate Breaking force(KN)

    070 7.4-11.6 2200 1600 L1240 70KN
    100 11.7-14.5 2300 1700 L1240 100KN
    120 14.6-15.1 2600 2000 L1240 120KN
    160 15.9-16.0 3100 2400 L1240 160KN

    Remarks:The double suspension clamps are sold as an assembly,including a unitof reinforcing rods,a unit of dead-end amour rod,a unit of reinforcing rods,two housing,two rubber insert,two eye chain link,a unit of Yoke plate,two anchor shackle,one parallel groove clamp,one grounding wire.

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    Band Mounted ADSS Fitting Aluminium Suspension Clamp short span


    The aluminium suspension clamp is designed to gently, but firmly support ADSS cable. The AQXM suspension clamp features the following : band mount design, hinged keeper, single-bolt clamping, and stackability for multi-cable installations.



    S.No Description Qty Material
    1 Keeper 1 Aluminium alloy
    2 Cushion inserts 1 Synthetic rubber
    3 Captured bolt & washer 1 Stainless Steel
    4 Lock nut 1 Stainless Steel

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