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  • ADSS/OPGW Accessories

    ADSS accessories also called ADSS cable accessories, ADSS fiber optic cable hardware, ADSS hardware or ADSS fittings, are mainly used to support and protect the ADSS cable against damage and accomplish the information transmission. ADSS hardware includes preformed tension clamp, armor grip suspension, Thimble Clevis, Armour Rod, Downlead Clamp and so on.


    OPGW accessories are similar to ADSS accessories, the difference is on the cable specification. OPGW accessories also called OPGW hardware fittings, OPGW fittings or OPGW hardware are designed for use in the OPGW fiber optic cable construction.


    ADSS/OPGW fittings feature :


    1. The unique design of the helical grips wraps the cable firmly. This way, it not only spreads the stress on the cable point of the junction but also protects the cable from damage during rain, snow or wind.


    2. ADSS/OPGW fittings are easier to install. No need for special tools or experienced engineer instruction. Installation work can be done by hand.


    3. ADSS/OPGW fittings are highly corrosion resistant. Most ADSS/OPGW fittings are hot dip galvanized or aluminum. They do not get rusty easily.


    Conductor armor rods Specification:


    Conductor armor rods are designed to protect the conductor from bending, compression, and abrasion at the support point, protection against flashover damage is also provided, which used for ACSR, AAC, AAAC and ACAR conductors, as well as steel ground wire. All rod sets are manufactured with right-hand lay as standard. It has to be mentioned in the contract if left-hand lay is required.




    wrap the conductor,improve the stiffness of conductor and protect the conductor,also resist -vibration.




    a.this structure increase self-damping,make the abrasion low.


    b.aluminum alloy material,it has good mechanical function and resist-corrsion.


    c. install easily and check easily.It doesn't need professional tools,one person can finish it.


    Usage condition:


    the damaged dimension not more than 7%


    Usage Note:


    1.different specification splice can't substitude


    2.the splice just use for one time,after afford full tension,it can't ise again


    3.The products is suitable for the trained technical person


    4.before installing,it should be polished,get rid of oxide layer.Meanwhile it need to overlay the special electrical condutor grease.


    5.in case clash and press hard


    6.when working,in case lightning stroke.

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    ADSS/OPGW Fitting Features


    The fitting features of the ADSS/OPGW accessories have a unique design that has helical grips to wrap the cables firmly.
    The design spreads stress on the junction points of the cable and offers protection on the cable from snow, rain, and wind.
    It is easy to install, and you might need special tools or people to help you in doing the installations.
    It is safe to say that the accessories are easy to work with and you can install them by hand.
    The accessories are also very resistant to corrosion because of the zinc coating they have.
    The manufacturers pass the accessories through the process of hot-dip galvanization to make them resistant to rust.


    Difference between ADSS and OPGW accessories


    OPGW accessories and ADSS accessories are the same in some of the primary functions they perform.

    However, there is a slight difference between the two groups of accessories when it comes to the specifications of the cables.ADSS/OPGW accessories perform different functions so you can describe them separately.

    You can identify ADSS accessories with other names such as:

    ADSS cable accessoriesADSS fittings or ADSS hardware
    ADSS fiber optic cable hardware
    You can use ADSS accessories to protect and support ADSS cables against damage.

    Besides that, in its right condition, it completes the transmission of information from the sender to the receiver.

    On the other hand, you can identify OPGW accessories using different names such as:

    OPGW Hardware fittingsOPGW hardware
    OPGW fittings

    No matter the name you use in identification, OPGW hardware is for use in the construction of OPGW fiber optic cables.


    Parts of ADSS Accessories, Some of the main parts of ADSS accessories include the following:


    Preformed Tension Clamp,Also known as a preformed dead end or dead-end cable grips with a unique design for connecting ADSS/OPGW to overhead poles.

    It simplifies connections and installations and safeguards the cable it conceals inside it.


    You can use it to protect the ADSS/OPGW cables from the damage, especially at the points of stress.


    Besides using it for protection, it will be making sure that the cable transfers power and information without interruption.

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    Armor Grip Suspension

    The Armor grip suspension has a unique design that reduces the dynamic and static stresses at the point of support.


    The support intends to protect the strand or the conductor from effects such as that of oscillation. Apart from that, it offers protection to the conductor in support against power and impulse flash overs.


    It has a recommendation of being better and superior to armor clamp combinations.


    This is because it safeguards conductors from compression stress, abrasion, and bending stress.

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    Thimble Clevis

    A thimble clevis has a special design for use in conjunction with preformed dead-ends on dead-end insulators or suspension type.


    The thimble’s main intention is the provision of a smooth internal contour that prevents the concentration of stress within the loop.


    The loop where all these connections are in the loop of the dead-end.


    The thimble clevis consists of a steel pin linking it through the eye of the insulator it connects.


    Apart from that, the pin has a humpbacked cotter key that protects and secures the insulation.


    Armor Rod

    The armor rod has a special design that protects the cable against abrasion, bending, compression, and flash-over.


    Apart from that, you can use it to repair damages on aluminum-based conductors and to restore conductors. The primary restoration is on the mechanical strength of the conductors and conductivity of the conductors.

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    Technical Specifications of ADSS/OPGW Accessories

    Whenever you’re buying any ADSS/OPGW accessories, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:


    · Diameter

    There are quite a number of ADSS/OPGW accessories that you can choose to use depending on your application.
    The accessories are of different types and sizes thus you are free to decide on the dimensions you require.
    This means that the diameters vary accordingly and you are free to contact your manufacturer and quote the size you need.


    · Material Type

    The type of material you will use in manufacturing ADSS/OPGW accessories varies accordingly.
    You will use steel and aluminum in most cases to make the accessories that you will need.
    Apart from that, make sure that you pass the material through the process of hot-dip galvanization.
    The material has to be strong enough to withstand the pressure that the accessories will pass through.
    The quality of the material should be high to increase the durability of the accessories you will make from them.


    · Finish

    Manufacturing ADSS/OPGW accessories require you to give them a smooth and polished finish.
    The accessories have to be resistant to corrosion to improve their durability and strength.
    It is important to pass the accessories through the process of hot-dip galvanization to make them corrosion resistant.


    · Tensile strength

    The kind of work the accessories perform requires them to have a very high tensile strength to make them durable.
    The higher the tensile strength, the more durable the accessories will be.
    The tensile strength also depends on the type of material that you will use in making the accessories.
    Some standards have been set to govern the kind of strength that the accessories should have.
    Manufacturers strive to make the accessories as strong and durable as possible for you to appreciate.


    · Standard Specifications

    The most common standard of the specification is on hot-dip galvanization which dictates the kind of quality an accessory should have.
    Manufacturing ADSS/OPGW accessories will require you to follow a set of rules and guidelines to make products that are acceptable in the market.
    These standards vary from one country to another, meaning that the standards in the United States differ from those in other countries.
    The standard specifications are the rules that protect you as the consumer from malice manufactures may have.
    This means that the manufacturers are not allowed to make sub-standard accessories and sell them to you.
    It also makes you have a hand in defending yourself in cases where a manufacturer may sell a product that is not standard.

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