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    PREFORMED™ Armor Rods For AAC, AAAC and ACSR Conductors,Galvanised Steel Conductors SC/GZ,Copper Conductor

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    ARMOR RODS are designed to protect cable against bending, compression, abrasion, and flash-over. They are also used to repair damaged aluminum-based conductors and restore the conductors' mechanical strength and conductivity.

    -Single and Double Support lengths available
    -Thermal Rating (Continuous) Within a high temperature Suspension Clamp 250°C, ACSS Repair 250°C, ACSR Repair 125°C.
    -Available PARROT-BILL ends to meet the corona onset and RIV requirements for most EHV applications.

    This Preformed Armour Rod is extensively used for designing to protect the cable against compression, bending, abrasion and flash-over. In addition, these armour rods are specially designed to repair damaged aluminum-based conductors. This preformed rod also restores the mechanical strength and conductivity of the conductors. Available in single and double support lengths, these armour rods are wisely made of aluminium alloy. It is best known for its high conductivity and strength.



    For use on: ACSR, Compacted ACSR, Aluminum Alloy All-Aluminum, AWAC® Compacted All-Aluminum, ACAR, ACSS (AW & TW)

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    For use on: Aluminum-Clad Steel Strands

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    For use on: Copperweld Strand, Copper Copperweld®/Copper Composite

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    For use on: Copper, Copperweld®/Copper Composite

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    For use on: Steel Reinforced Copper Conductors with Right-Hand Lay

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    For use on: Galvanized Steel Strand with Left-Hand Lay

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    PREFORMED Armor Rods General Recommendations:

    Armor Rods are intended to protect against bending, compression, abrasion, arc-overwhilst also being capable of providing a repair function. The degree of protection needed on a specific line depends upon a number of factors such as line design, temperature, tension, exposure to wind flow and vibration history on a similar construction in the same area. Armor rods are recommended as a minimum protection for clamp type supports orsuspension. Armor Rods may be used to restore full conductance and strength to AAC, AAAC and ACSR conductors, except high strength ACSR, where damage does not exceed 50% damage for7&19 strand conductors or 25% damage for37 & 61 strand conductors. Preformed Armor Rods are extremely effective in relieving orsuppressing conductor strains and therefore extending conductor service life.
    Preformed Armor Rods are chamfered and over a certain size are ball ended to create a smooth uniformed finish to minimise corona.


    1. This product is intended for a single (one-time)use and for the specified application, although it may be re-applied twice for retensioning within 90 days from initial installation.
    2. Do not modify this product in any way.
    3. This product is intended for use by qualified linesmen only.
    4. When working in the area of energised line with this product, extra care should be taken to prevent accidental electrical contact.
    5. For proper performance and personal safety, be sure to select the proper size PREFORMED™ products before application.
    6. PREFORMED™ products are precision devices. To ensure proper performance, they should be stored in cartons under cover and handled carefully.

    PREFORMED Armor Rods For AAC, AAAC and ACSR Conductors:

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    PREFORMED Armor Rod Subsetted,For AAC, AAAC and ACSR Conductors - Subset

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    PREFORMED Armor Rods, For Galvanised Steel Conductors SC/GZ

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    PREFORMED Armor Rods, For SC/AC Conductors Left Hand Lay Standard

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    PREFORMED Armor Rods, For Copper Conductor

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