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    Preformed Line Products (PLP) Pole Line Hardware supplier, Dead-Ends Accessories manufacturer,GUY-GRIP Dead-End manufacture factory, helical formed wire manufacturer,9/32" GUY-GRIP Dead-end - B-Coat - GDE-1105 use on single wood poles associated with distribution construction

  • Preformed Armor Rod manufactured by aluminum alloy /galvanized steel for use on ACSR, AAC, AAAC and ACAR cable conductors;

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    Aluminum Armor Rods including:

    Armor Rod Single Support/Armor Rod Double Support
    For use on: ACSR, Compacted ACSR, Aluminum Alloy All-Aluminum,
    AWAC Compacted All Aluminum, ACAR, ACSS (AW & TW)


    Aluminum Covered Steel Armor Rods including :

    Alum. Covered Steel Single Support, Alum. Covered Steel Dbl. Support.


    Galvanized Steel Armor Rods including:

    Galvanized Steel Single Support/Galvanized Steel Double Support For use on: Aluminum base conductors. Right hand lay is standard.

    Galvanized Steel Armor Rod,For use on: Galvanized Steel Strand.Left hand lay is standard.


    Copperweld Armor Rod, including 

    Copperweld Armor Rod Single Support,Copperweld Armor Rod Double Support, For use on: Copperweld strand-Copper-Copperweld/Copper composite conductors.Left hand lay is standard.

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    Heli Grips products including:

    Galvanized Steel Heli Grip, Aluminum Covered Steel Heli Grip ,Galvanized Steel Big Grip ,Copper Covered Steel Heli Grip, Super Lock Grip, False Dead End Stainless Steel Heli Grip, Aluminum Covered Steel Big Grip,

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    Helical Ties including:

    Aluminum Captured Pad Heli Top Tie, Distribution Tie with Pad, Contoured Pad Spool and Side Tie

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    Dead Ending Fittings including:

    Distribution Heli Dead End, Heli Service Grip Dead End, Overhead Dead End, Heli Dead End w Relieved Ends

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    Splices preformed line products including:

    Galvanized Steel Heli Splice, Aluminum Covered Steel Heli Splice, Copper Covered Steel Heli Splice, Aluminum Conductor Heli Splice ,Aluminum Full Tension Splice, Connector Tee Helically Formed Splice Shunt

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    Aluminum Line Guard including:

    Aluminium Line Guard Single Support, Auminum Line Guard Double Support , Aluminum Tap Rod

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    Lashing Rods including:

    Galvanized Steel Lashing Rod, Aluminum Covered Steel Lashing Rod ,Copper Covered Steel Lashing Rod

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    Arborist including:

    Tree Grips, Guy Wire Dispenser (Arborist)

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    NL Preformed Conductor Tension Clamp Used for Aluminum Stranded Conductor


    Preformed dead end tension clamp has many types; it is normally used as assembly of transmission line bare conductor and covered conductors. It can replace the current bolt type clamps and compression type dead end strain clamp.


    Preformed tension clamp is usually made of aluminum clad steel, aluminum alloy, copper covered steel and galvanized steel.

    Preformed dead end clamp has firm preformed parts and can provide enough clamp strength to ACSR, AAC, AAAC, copper conductor and steel wire and have bigger suitable conductor size.

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    1. N- strain clamp L- helix preformed: “-” after the applicable wire models.

    2. The raw material of Preformed Conductor Tension Clamp Set for ACSR Conductor for the galvanized steel.

    3. The table lists only some of the products, and other specifications, please contact us.

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