• Armor rod single support/ Helical Fittings/Preformed Armour Rods Manufacturing Process

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    Preformed Armor Rod Manufacturing Process

    1. Preformed Armor Rod Shaping
    1.1 Technical Requirements
    After shaping is completed, the bore diameter of the preformed armorrod meets the design requirement.The thread pitchis required to be uniform, and the pitch deviation is ±5mm.The deviation of the length reaches ±2%.
    1.2 Process
    The selection of single armor rods, guide rollers and forming dies depends ondifferent production orders.Afterinsallation and trial runs are completed, we measure the bore diameter and thread pitch of the preformed armor rod,and thenadjust the angle of the extrusion head until the size of the armor rod meet the order requirements.Prior to mass production, wecarry out article inspection to ensure that the rods are in compliance with the order requirements and then record the tes results.
    2. Preformed Armor Rod End Processing
    2.1 fechnical Requirements
    Theendsof the preformedarmor rodshouldbe dean,fat and fee ofburs.Thishelps to prevent wiresor cables fom scratches during installation
    2.2 Process
    The tol holderis kept0.5mmfrom the grinding whelTheheight of the tol holderis hesameasthe diametrof theamorrod tobe ground.Before grinding isconducted these twoends of the armorrodarearrangedinasraight line.Next theoperatorholsthe front part ofthe rod in isleft hand while imultaneousyholding the middle partof therodinhis ight hand,and thentherodisrn through the grinding process.
    3. Preformed Armor Rod Coating
    3.1 echncal Requirements
    In orderto achieve outstanding abrasionresistance,our preformed splices are coated with conductive grease.Both the innr and outer rods of thestrain clamp need to be coated wit silioncarbide.The iner rod isdesigned with a mesh size of up to0.18mm,and the outer rod comes with a meshsize of up to0.25mm.The coating should beflat uniform and free of bulges.
    3.2 Process
    After the end processing is done,preformed armorrods arerequired to undergo cleaning,rod repair and reinforcement as wellas gluing and coating procedures.

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    4. Preformed Armor Rod Stranding
    4.1 Technical Requirements Strand lengt
    1) Generally speaking, the strand length of the strain clampis equal to two thread pitches.
    2)As for the strain camp withsmal thread pith the strandlength depends ondffrenttypes of connection.Itis normalyseveral
    times as long as the thread pitch of the preformed armor rod. 3) Strand tightness: ight strand by visualispection
    4.2 Process5
    First the preformed armorod ispositioned andfastened coretly.Nex, markthe postin ofcenter ofthe rod withadevitionof±3mm.Then,swith offand caryout the stranding process.Afterstandingiscompleted,switch on to open the presing plate
    automaticalyFinaly,take out the preformed armorrod and place it on the rack.

    5. Preformed Armor Rod Bending
    5.1 Technical Requirements 1) Bending Center Deviation: ±5mm 2) Each end of the rod is perfectly shaped.
    3) The preformed armor rod is never compressed or damaged. 4) Parallel loop segments after the shaping process
    5.2 Process
    Place the metalfiting on the bender worktable.The centeline oftension part of thefitig isdirected at tecenterofthemold.Next checkithese twoendsofthe tension par aresymmetricThen,prss thefootswitch and conducta bending processin which the two
    ends of the metl fiig will b corrected.

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